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Catechism & Education

Before embarking on the instructional content below, please read the following article - On Becoming an Orthodox Christian. Catechism - learning the Orthodox Christian Faith - Her beliefs, worship, prayer, spirituality and history, is essential for those who desire to unite themselves to Christ in His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We are blessed today, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary has preserved many instructional lectures on the Orthodox Christian Faith by such Orthodox luminaries as Fr. Alexander Schmemann, Fr. Thomas Hopko, Fr. John Behr, Fr. John Meyendorf, Serge Verhovskoy, and many others.

Catechumens at Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary Orthodox Mission will register at Preserving & Resurrecting Orthodox Christian Voices Through Digital Technology for access to site content. You will listen to eight (8) lectures by Fr. Thomas Hopko found here Introduction to the Orthodox Faith ; you will listen to eight (8) lectures by Fr. Thomas Hopko found here Nicene Creed. You will round out the instructional portion of your catechism by selecting eight (8) lectures of your choice located under the 'Series' heading located on any page of this site under the seminary seal located at the top of the page.

I will meet with each catechumen periodically to review your learning and to answer/clarify any questions which may arise. You will need to read the four volumes of The Orthodox Christian Faith by Fr. Thomas Hopko located here The Orthodox Faith, 4 vols.. As your catechumenate will last a year, you will have ample time to complete this requirement. Prior to your reception into the Orthodox Church I will review with you the content of our Parish

Don't forget, there are many resources available to learn the Orthodox Christian Faith. On this website, check out resources available under Orthodox Christian Education Material located by placing your cursor on the Catechism & Education tab and clicking on Orthodox Links of Interest. Also, on this website - About Orthodoxy located in the Catechism & Education tab. There are numerous resources available in our parish library.

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