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Great Martyr Theodore "The General"

(Commemorated February 8, the patron saint of Soldiers)

Troparion - 

Truly enlisted with the King of Heaven, thou didst become an outstanding general for Him, passion-bearer Theodore; thou didst arm thyself wisely with the weapons of faith and conquered hordes of demons, revealing thyself as a victorious athlete. Therefore, in faith we always call thee blessed.

From the Tomos of Autocephaly - Mission and Vision for the Orthodox Church in America (1970)

For a number of years, the Russian Orthodox Church has observed with maternal love and concern the development of the Orthodox Church which she planted on the American continent. In the last few decades she has sorrowfully witnessed the unfortunate appearance there of a pluralism of ecclesiastical jurisdictions, a temporary phenomenon, and by no means a permanent norm of the canonical organization of the Orthodox Church in America, since it is contrary to the nature of Orthodox canonical ecclesiastical unity.

The Holy Russian Orthodox Church, striving for the good of the Church, has directed her efforts toward the normalization of relations among the various ecclesiastical jurisdictions in America, particularly by negotiating with the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in America, concerning the possibility of granting autocephaly to this Church in the hope that this might serve the good of the Orthodox Church in America and the glory of God.

The newly-established local Orthodox Autocephalous Church in America should abide in brotherly relations with all the Orthodox Churches and their Primates as well as with their bishops, clergy and pious flock, who are in America and who for the time being preserve their de facto existing canonical and jurisdictional dependence on their national Churches and their Primates. For more on the Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in America.