Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary
Orthodox Church
1261 York Rd., Clarksville, TN 37042
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Blessed is He That Comes in the Name of the Lord! God is the Lord and Has Revealed Himself to Us!

Holy Protection is an Orthodox Church community serving the Clarksville, Tennessee and Fort Campbell, Kentucky region. Weekly services include Great Vespers, Saturday at 6:00 pm and Divine Liturgy, Sunday at 10:00 am. 

As the only Orthodox Church in the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area, Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary has dedicated herself to serve all Orthodox faithful in the area and to reach out to those seeking the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. As Christ’s vineyard in Clarksville, we also seek to be leaven in the greater community, extending our Lord’s compassion and mercy to all we meet. Please join our growing community or visit us if you are in the area. You are welcomed and embraced in the name of Christ our Lord. Glory to His name forever! 

Please contact Father Peter M. Dubinin for more information at (931) 216-9741 

Fourth Sunday of Great and Holy Lent - St. John of the Ladder

The Fourth Sunday is dedicated to St. John Climacus (of The Ladder), Abbot of Sinai, who, because of his ascetical writing (The Ladder) serves as a model of a true Christian ascetic. The Ladder is appointed by the Church to be read during Great Lent. In the course of this week (the Fifth Week of Great Lent) the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete is read on Thursday in its entirety, as well as a Canon to St. Mary of Egypt. In addition, St. Mary's Life is read. On Saturday of this week the Akathist Hymn to the Most-Holy Theotokos is sung with everyone standing (Akathistos means not sitting). It reminds us that we are dependent on the protecting intercession of the Holy Theotokos at all moments of crisis and danger.

The Fourth Sunday of Lent is dedicated to Saint John of the Ladder (Climacus), the author of the work, The Ladder of Divine Ascent. The abbot of Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai (6th century) stands as a witness to the violent effort needed for entrance into God’s Kingdom (Mt 10: 12). The spiritual struggle of the Christian life is a real one, “not against flesh and blood, but against . . . the rulers of the present darkness . . . the hosts of wickedness in heavenly places . . .” (Eph 6.12). St John encourages the faithful in their efforts for, according to the Lord, only “he who endures to the end will be saved” (Mt 24.13).

If you desire to learn more about the Orthodox Christian Faith, move mouse over Education tab and click on - About Orthodoxy. There the book, These Truths We Hold (from which portions above are reproduced), is broken out for further study. Also available is the Orthodox Faith four volume series accessible at The Orthodox Faith - Orthodox Church in America (

St. John of the Ladder
Service Attendance & COVID - Update! (April 9, 2021)

Dear Ones in Christ,

Glory to God for all things! Our archpastor His Eminence Alexander provided to his parishes guidance on forging a path to normalcy. In short, we have 8 weeks to take advantage of the vaccines available. Understand, this does not constitute a mandate. His Eminence is compelling no one to get the vaccine. Then, if the numbers and trends are heading in the right direction 8 weeks from now, we will be celebrating the services of our Holy Church as one body in Christ. Until then, we will continue to practice the necessary precautions. His Eminence gave his blessing to reduce social distance between non-related persons to three feet. Even now, we will be able to stand more people in the temple. With the increase in number of people able to attend, the only service for which signup will be necessary is for the Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning. Please contact me if it is your first time attending or need assistance to sign-up online. If you have any questions regarding dates and times of services, service space availability, or procedures while attending, please call (931-216-9741) or email me at:

With love in Christ,

Fr. Peter

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Monday, April 12th
6:00 pm Catechism
Thursday, April 15th
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Saturday, April 17th
Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos
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