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Great Martyr Theodore "The General"

(Commemorated February 8, the patron saint of Soldiers)

Troparion - 

Truly enlisted with the King of Heaven, thou didst become an outstanding general for Him, passion-bearer Theodore; thou didst arm thyself wisely with the weapons of faith and conquered hordes of demons, revealing thyself as a victorious athlete. Therefore, in faith we always call thee blessed.

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Holy Great Martyr Dmitrios of Thessaloniki
Holy Great Martyr Dmitrios of Thessaloniki

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ - Christ is in our midst. I intend this 'Military & Veterans' page to be a resource for all non-military, and military - preparing to enter, presently serving, about to separate and Veterans. The content of this page will provide spiritual nourishment, especially for our Orthodox Service Members and their Families. This page will contain information from the Orthodox Christian Church on war, killing, the impact of killing in war on the soul, healing in Christ through His Church. This information will address the aforementioned topics according to the stages of military service - preparatory, serving, preparing for separation and Veteran. In short, the response of the Orthodox Christian Church to this reality, in my lifetime and in my opinion, is wanting. Yet, there is no resource better positioned and equipped to do more for the soul damaged military Veteran than the Orthodox Church. I pray this section of this website may begin the application of these resources to our sons and daughters who voluntarily choose to serve our country on our behalf.

Dear Reader - If you have information - articles, research, resources, etc.,  which addresses these areas mentioned , please send it to me at Peace be to you all.

Fr. Peter 

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