Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary Church
Orthodox Church in America
Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem - 2018

Congratulations to the Nelsons on their chrismation! - 04/01/18

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Nativity 2017 and Theophany 2018

Glory to God in the highest!

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Memory Eternal

In loving memory of Priscilla Anastasia East, beloved daughter of Mark and Ocie Whitaker and treasured sister of Christine, Martin, and John. Priscilla was a devoted mother to her son, Nikolaus, a highly decorated member of the Army, a warm and generous person and friend, and a dear sister to all of us at Holy Protection Orthodox Mission. She departed on 2 February, 2017, and will be deeply missed by all who knew her. May her memory be Eternal and her dwelling the Courts of the Righteous!

Below is a link to her obituary from the local newspaper:


Baptism of baby Maryna

Congratulations Newly illumined, Maryna!! - 01/08/17

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Theophany 2017

Blessing the waters of the Red River - 01/06/17

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Fifth Annual Church Festival - Protection of the Theotokos
Putting up the Church Dome
Lucas' Baptism

Congratulations to Lucas and his family! - 05/29/16

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Welcome Baby Lucas!

The newest Community member!

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Agape Feast of the Resurrection
The Kerr Family Baptism

Congratulations and many years to the Kerr Family on their reception into the Orthodox Church! - 12/20/15

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St. Nicholas Day-2015

Holy St. Nicholas, Pray to God for us! - 12/06/15

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Annual Feast Day 2015

Spirits Undampened by Drizzly Festival Day! - 10/03/15

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Holy Protection members team with Holy Apostles, Bowling Green, KY

Mission teams build houses for needy families in only four days!

Find out more about Project Mexico and St. Innocent's Orphanage for boys at


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Baby Nikolaus' Christening Day
Baker baptism
A Visit from St. Nicholas-2014

St. Nicholas Visits Holy Protection - 12/07/14

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Holy Protection Photo Gallery
Newly finished Church Interior
Theophany 2014

Blessing of the Cumberland River

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We are thankful....

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Holy Protection Feast Day 2013 - 10/05/13

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Vacation Bible School-2013
Moore's Chrismation

Moore's Chrismation

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Spring and Summer Events
Raphael's Baptism

Raphael's Baptism

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Holy Protection Feast Day 2012

The Feast of the Protection

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Holy Protection Community
Pascha 2013
Coleman Baptism

Valerie and Jayna

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