Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary Church
Orthodox Church in America
Thank You! to contributors of our ICON FUND! All $2,000 have been collected!

A pious parishioner pledged a substantial amount of cash to enable our parish to commission icons for the beautification of our temple and the edification of our souls through their contemplation. Learning of the first pledge toward this important commission, another pious parishioner chipped in with the requisite amount allowing us to complete the purchase.

A hearty thank you to our contributors; God blesses your pious act of giving which benefits our whole community, encourages the faithful in prayer by indicating the way toward a full expression in Orthodox worship in our temple.

Our iconographer, Ina Narimanidze is a graduate of the Moscow Iconography Academy (see her work here); she is now busy at work iconographing our parish's first three major icons: the Protection of the Holy Theotokos, Christ Pantocrator and the Iveron Mother of God. Together, these three icons will form the beginning of our iconostasis.

Ina Narimanididze is an experienced iconographer of excellent references with a substantial, classic portfolio of completed works, including complete iconostases in prestigious Orthodox monasteries and a parish of the same name and dedication as our own!

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