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Photo Galleries - Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary Through The Years

Orthodox Christians have maintained an identifiable presence on Fort Campbell, KY and surrounding area since the mid-1970's. At that time the Orthodox community assembled on Fort Campbell, KY and was known as Holy Apostles. Orthodox military chaplains stationed at Fort Campbell served the faithful through the years. As occasion required, clergy from Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Nashville provided ministry for the Orthodox. When a military priest was unavailable, the community held together by the effort of Distinctive Faith Group Leaders (DFGL). In the '70's the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in America blessed Nicholas and Thelma Petrochko as DFGLs. They kept things moving along for years. Nicholas departed this life - memory eternal, but Thelma, up in years, lives in Woodlawn. The Orthodox faithful in this area owe a debt of gratitude to these Orthodox warriors. For her efforts serving the Orthodox faithful as DFGL, Thelma received the Synodal Grammota from the Holy Synod of Bishops, Orthodox Church in America, a very distinguished and well deserved honor. In 1997 an Orthodox military chaplain with his family arrived Fort Campbell and remained for the next 11 years. From 1997 to 2007, the community was known as St. John the Theologian Orthodox Military Community. In 2006 His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, as bishop and endorser for the military, gave his blessing to pursue planting the Orthodox military community on Fort Campbell as an Orthodox mission in Clarksville, TN. Subsequently, His Eminence Dmitri, Archbishop of Dallas and the Diocese of the South gave his blessing for the Fort Campbell Orthodox community to plant as a mission church in Clarksville, TN. His Eminence issued the antimension for the mission on October 12, 2007. From 2008 to 2014, the mission rented space from Grace Lutheran Church, Clarksville, TN. In 2014 during the tenure of Fr. Thomas Langdon, the mission acquired the property it presently occupies. 

Woods Chrismation 2019

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Archbishop Alexander Visit 2019

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Santa Lucia 2019

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Theophany 2018 - 01/07/18

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Entrance of our Lord to Jerusalem/Nelson Chrismation 2018 - 04/01/18

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Theophany Blessing the Cumberland River 2017 - 01/07/17

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Maryna Baptism 2017 - 01/08/17

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Nativity of our Lord 2017 - 12/25/17

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Lucas Baptism 2016 - 03/29/16

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Doming the Church 2016 - 07/16/16

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Church Festival 2016 - 10/01/16

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Pascha Picnic 2015 - 04/12/15

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Nativity of our Lord 2015 - 12/25/15

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Theophany Blessing the Cumberland River 2014 - 01/07/14

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Priscilla and Nicholas 2014 - 06/01/14

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Church Festival 2014 - 10/01/14

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St Nicholas 2014 - 12/06/14

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Moore Chrismation 2013 - 02/02/13

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Raphael Baptism 2013 - 08/25/13

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St Nicholas 2013 - 12/06/13

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Thanksgiving 2012 - 11/22/12

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Coleman Baptism 2012 - 12/15/12

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